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IMC Far East is a USA owned and operated company based in San Francisco, CA.

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Import & Export Services

We assure your products are delivered accurately, on time and on budget. We guide you through the challenges of importing and show you how to use correct customs and import documentation. Our team of professionals are an extension of your company wherever needed.

Quality Control Services

IMC Quality Control professionals can perform factory audits, in-process inspections, and pre-shipment inspections to ensure your goods are exactly as you ordered.

CAD Modeling

IMC Far East offers CAD modeling services in China, Vietnam & North America. We provide top quality CAD modeling services to our customers using the latest 2D and 3D design tools.  Whether you need engineering drawings with exact tolerancing or photorealistic 3D renderings, we have got you covered.

North America Sourcing and Exporting

North American companies that do not have the expertise to export goods to Asia have called on IMC for assistance. Our China and Vietnam offices have extensive contacts throughout Asia with entrepreneurs that are importing goods from USA and other parts of the globe. Our recent projects include exporting containers...

Vietnam Sourcing

IMC team in Vietnam includes engineering and quality control experts that specialize in the capabilities and benefits of Vietnam manufacturing. IMC not only works with professional factories for exporting goods to our North American clients, we also source raw materials in Vietnam and export them to China during times of...

China Sourcing

The IMC team of sourcing experts can tailor services to match your needs. We perform a thorough vetting of factories using onsite inspections to confirm capabilities and capacity. IMC is the communication liaison with top management and the engineering teams doing the work.


IMC Far East is a product design, development and sourcing group dedicated to assisting businesses with International Trade. We help our clients and their companies grow, compete, and increase margins in today’s competitive Global Market. We would be happy to provide references from long term clients. Our standard agent fees are 10% of the FOB price but we are transparent and never want the agent fee to interfere with your product's success. Our negotiated pricing often saves you more than the cost of our services.


New Product Development is the process of bringing a new product to market. IMC Far East utilizes our experience in Industrial Design, Mechanical Design and CAD Modeling to make your brilliant new idea a reality.

Our extensive experience in China and Vietnam allow you to know where you can safely develop and manufacture your products.