Import & export services

We assure your products are delivered accurately, on time and on budget. We guide you through the challenges of importing and show you how to use correct customs and import documentation. Our team of professionals are an extension of your company wherever needed.


Embedded system design provider

With rapid growth of industrial companies , embedded systems design is an key aspect of our organization. We are amongst those who give top embedded designing services to our clients every now and then. Our organization assures the designing, developing, and testing of software for embedded systems and components meet specific customer requirements. We employ multiple, real-time operating systems, devices and platforms.

Industrial Design

There is a intense competition , not everyone can’t design a outstanding product but some design fabulous products. Whether you have a brand new product or one that needs a face lift,  Imc far east makes easy for you. After all good design makes a product understandable.

Mechanical Design

Imc offers mechanical design and engineering which is most time consuming part of our company. Our team of Mechanical engineers are capable of taking ideas and napkin sketches and creating 3D CAD models, renderings and finished working prototypes. We will transform your idea to a beautiful and functional product, efficiently and at a much lower cost than you would pay using a design house.


CAD Modeling

Imc Far east offers best CAD modelling outsourcing services in China , Vietnam & North America. Our objective is to give high & optimal CAD modelling services to our customers all over the globe. With the help of advanced tools & latest technologies we make 2-D design & 3- D design that fulfill the marketer requirements & also help in increase the company’s productivity and efficiency.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping takes your designs out of the computer and into the real world, It helps you to develop every component and compare every part of it with the prototype prepared. The purpose of this designing is clear understanding and visualization of the prototype. This helps manufacturers to abstrain the risk of halting the manufacturing process at future.

3-D Scanning

IMC 3D scanning services are fast and affordable, often saving you thousands of dollars and weeks off your schedule. Want to have the CAD files for your product updated? Want to scan a component or product in order to utilize some of the design features into your products? Contact us to let us help.


Quality control services

IMC Quality Control professionals can perform factory audits, in-process inspections, and pre-shipment inspections to ensure your goods are exactly as you ordered.


North America Sourcing and Exporting

North American companies that do not have the expertise to export goods to Asia have called on IMC for assistance. Our China and Vietnam offices have extensive contacts throughout Asia with entrepreneurs that are importing goods from USA and other parts of the globe. Our recent projects include exporting containers of USDA certified Hormone Free Beef, Sound Powered Phones and Specialty Valves.

Vietnam Sourcing

IMC team in Vietnam includes engineering and quality control experts that specialize in the capabilities and benefits of Vietnam manufacturing. IMC not only works with professional factories for exporting goods to our North American clients, we also source raw materials in Vietnam and export them to China during times of shortages. These added capabilities distinguish IMC from other companies.

China Sourcing

The IMC team of sourcing experts can tailor services to match your needs. We perform a thorough vetting of factories using onsite inspections to confirm capabilities and capacity. IMC is the communication liaison with top management and the engineering teams doing the work.


Tooling & Manufacturing Partners

With 25 years of working in asia, Imc has a wide range of professional tooling and manufacturing partners. Our organisation gives services in following fields.

  • Medical Grade components and products.
  • PCBA design and manufacturing.
  • Injection of all types of thermoplastics.
  • Metal Forming and Fabrication.
  • Thermoforming.
  • Assembly.
  • Paper Products.
  • Detailed  Hand  Painting.
  • Quality Control.

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